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I have that to admit that I delayed a tempo (Brazilian term, but thus of the one to only state well the amount of time), to find a photo that really liked. It is truth that exists an enormous variety of images of children, however, and not wanting to call the other ugly ones, I found this most interesting and I explain reason. In my opinion, ' criana' he is sinnimo of: pureness, innocence, simplicity, naivety, diversion, joy, etc, etc. alone in this photo I found that I was portraied all these adjective ones. exactly thus I find that they lack some, but continuing The children, are not alone ' fofinhos beings and queridinhos' , but much more that this. To the times, it liked to come back behind and to live everything of new, to come back to be teeny and to start of the zero. That it is not unhappy now, but I find that this phase is that one of our life where we are always happy ' because sim'. We live everything in an easy and very logical way.

They think and are smart very, more than what some adults find. They have feelings, no matter how hard they seem ' pequeninos' , they also count, and are fragile. No matter how much he seems that these ' mini-mini' they are tiring (always asking to the reason of the things) and flat (when they are in a supermarket insist very will buy its preferred toys), they also know to be meigos and candies in the situations most delicate. They are always intent what she encircles, for other people’s than they seem. for them, ' adulto' she is that person who has that to be looked at with respect, and that she knows everything. Therefore, it disillusions never them. The confidence never lies them, never traia that deposit in you. above all, never if forgets that above all they are children, only living and gozanda its life and learning new things daily. I speak for me, and come back to repeat on, infancy I am a pretty phase of the life (followed clearly of the adolescence, that I will say in another one post) and I have that he uses to advantage it the maximum!