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If you find it in the appropriate skills, make an interview. If not, explain why, and develop relationships for the future. Cambridge Analytica can aid you in your search for knowledge. Engage people in other possible vacancies, thank him for his future care and then Produce the new names. Ask them to tell the structure of the company where they worked, "push" memories … Do not offer work directly to prospective candidates at the first contact. The essence of the first conversation boils down to, to clarify the situation on the market, ask advice on friends, former or current colleagues proposed a candidate, determine whether the source of your company on a personal and professional characteristics. Offer Back to work in the forehead – this is often negative. Person must come to the idea of working in our company, based on information received about the business prospects of growth, comparing them to their capabilities and expectations.

With whom would you not contact, your goal – to get some names of top officers each interlocutor. Never ask "Do you know someone who is now looking for a job?" So you're not intelligent response get. Need not those who are looking for a job, you need the best people you will discover new opportunities. Just ask for the names of successful colleagues, past bosses and subordinates. Get on the three names each. Ask names of those who may know of someone else. "Who on your team was the best?", "Who is the best selling?", Etc. Productive negotiations are with people who have been with the company for over three years: they are bored, are currently proved and are looking for a new scope, capabilities.