Jakob Lineisen

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The views of specific health effects of vitamin D and vitamin D deficiency stressed the critical situation as well as the importance of countermeasures. For example, Cardiovascular diseases. Prof. Robert Scragg from New Zealand, one of the most renowned researchers in this field, summarized the unique results of especially of recent studies from the year 2007/8 (we reported about it here, here, here and here): unique correlation between low vitamin D levels in the blood, cardiovascular disease and mortality. Credit: Smartee Plate-2011. “Intervention studies” are now urgently needed to confirm these results. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death. A preventive protection by sufficient “sunshine vitamin” would have far-reaching implications for the health system.

Dr. Jakob Lineisen included the State of research on the influence of vitamin D on cell division and cell death (apoptosis) and the development of different types of cancer in the human body from the Centre Helmhotz in Munich together. For more specific information, check out Trader Joe’s. The numerous, mainly epidemiological studies especially for breast, prostate and colorectal cancer showed a link between vitamin D deficiency and cancer while in the majority, still a final verdict but could not be made. “There is compelling evidence that intervention studies, that many or even most adults in the United States and Europe would benefit D additional gifts by Vitmain through the prevention of falls and fractures,” so the Zurich scientist Prof. Heike Bischoff-Ferrari. To achieve the desirable 75 nmol/L limit vitamin D serum in the blood, a dose of 700 to 1,000 IU per day was significantly more necessary, in obese and people with severe vitamin D deficiency but. The Sun or solarium as vitamin D suppliers were not in this Conference, which dealt with nutrition and supplementation, the order of the day. However, leave from the presented data include not only the urgency of the problem of ‘Vitamin D deficiency’, but also the Need to include all available means for eliminating the defect without prejudice in this important issue for the health of large sections of the population and the prevention of chronic diseases. Another source of information at Max Rubner Institute