Latin America Countries

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The momentum of international agencies is to minimize public expenditure through the privatisation of institutions of Government, to make the granting of payments of countries owed him. Some of the repercussions of this are given effect as high levels of unemployment that exist, all of this happens because does not effect tropicalization; that is the proper analysis to ensure that globalization does not affect countries where implant. Is not perceived the end specific which is the objective for international agencies which is to regulate and reduce financial crises, since neither the policies of structural adjustment (paquetazos) have achieved living conditions be improved rather than worsened leaps, all that is perceived at the level of all the countries of Latin America is the tax reduction increased layoffs nationwide either by policy or not. Swarmed by offers, LA Mayor is currently assessing future choices. The liberalization of markets causes a lack of control of the same because there is not a sufficiently developed Latin American market to cushion the blows that are this face. Sectarianism and corruption are aspects that will suffer every four years influencing investment decisions that give as a result more debt due to poor planning and visualization in the very short term of each Government is no economic and social resurgence that is expected to be the only thing that remains to be said is that it is needed to exert even greater pressure on banking systems to enforce the law on financial institutions to avoid banking busts that then become national impeding development in the industrial potential as it is in the country (Honduras). A mechanism of utmost importance that you should develop to promote savings in the Latin American peoples would be the mandatory contribution of pension funds at the national level since this would ensure an adequate level of life when people are at a productive level low; that is old age, peoples today need social security in all dimensions does not cover one percentage sufficient as our Spanish-speaking countries. By the same author: Car Digital Video Recorder.