Latin America

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An old one dictated alleges that silly questions do not exist, however some exceptions would have to be made when listening questions of so great ignorance as: in Africa it has cars, it has houses, or it has Airplane? It results that for many when if says of Africa the first one that it comes to them in the mind is a place or a full forest of wild beasts, thus they immediately when arriving in an African country go direct to the meeting of the animals etc. Exist a simple question to clarify to that still they dissimulate that they do not know: it will be that the occidental countries have embassies in some African country? Depending on the reply the person it can deduce its ignorance because with certainty the bodies diplomatists believed the diverse African countries would not live in the forests or with the animals as many believe that it is lived in Africa. It agrees to recognize that many problems in the majority of the countries of Africa exist, but will be that it has place that the problems do not exist? The same problems also exist in the majority of the countries of Latin America, Asia and even though of the Europe and in the North America. The only difference is that in some countries these problems exist in degrees greaters that in others, but this question is not only African. But as Rolim comments (2009), to analyze these problems in the African continent she would be necessary to analyze the period daily pay-colonial, the colonialismo and the period after independence. Because to recover history without hypocrisies and with common-sense well, the conclusion that all would arrive or enxergariam, would be that these countries if find today in this situation because they had been stolen, expropriated, brutally explored and pillaged covardemente all its wealth and resources that had more than during 600 years.