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Centracon identified by means of a comprehensive analysis about 230 concerning potential risks and potential for optimisation Leichlingen, 25.07.2011 – the consulting company Centracon has developed a Healthcheck to the systematic analysis of the gap in the desktop virtualization to check current configuration. The Healthcheck includes an extensive catalog of questions, based on current best practices and long-term project experience of Centracon as well as on market standards. It covers all relevant topics of action a client or desktop virtualization solution and its implementation. Significant risks accompanied the introduction of solutions for desktop virtualization often due to complex technological, organizational and procedural issues, to identify at an early stage and to eliminate. Because in addition to the architecture additional effects on the service management and the operational and support processes are already introduced to take into account”, justified Marcus Binder, IT business consultant at Centracon, the need of the Healthcheck.

Very specifically pointed the possible weak points and potentials for optimization by means of an extensive analysis of approximately 230 questions on the various issues. Through the neutral evaluation of ongoing projects to desktop virtualization, supplemented by practical recommendations for action, the potential risks can be at an early stage eliminate before they can unfold negatively”, describes the benefits of consultant. For this optimization, the analysis determines the risk potential within the architecture as well as in the design and operation of the solution. Also examines whether and what economic weaknesses that you see. It is a differentiated view of all relevant results, then targeted interviews with key contacts, oriented to the questionnaire, to be able to perform in the first phase of the Healthcheck.

Centracon sets in conducting the Healthcheck both IT business consultants as well as IT architects a to cover these two central dimensions of success. In the analysis phase is the evaluation of the results, taking into account the individual customer requirements. Derived from the identified vulnerabilities adequate optimization recommendations are developed by Centracon to ensure the completeness and quality for the introduction of the solution and its operation. Through the wide range of the analysis of the architectural concepts about the security conditions to service management all critical success factors of desktop virtualization will be highlighted”tie illustrates the systematic approach. This a maximum decision-making and planning security is created for the desktop virtualization project with high sustainability, so that an economical, functional and high-performance solution is created, controlled and controlled run that can be.” About Centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and Applications are the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts.