Litvinov Carp

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It's an unforgettable feeling – to spend a weekend on the lake in anticipation of bites while listening to birdsong and the sound of the trees This is a real Russian fishing and no matter what you have to "armor": telescopic fishing rod, Donkey , or spinning. In any case, you're on vacation. We recently with my friend went to Litvinov. Why in Litvinovo? Good question. This is a place for fishing has been selected by us according to the principle: 'But this past weekend Mihalich already caught 18 kilograms of carp for half an hour! " Well, we both experienced anglers on a "Bait" not so easy to Cluny.

That's decided to check out. Gathered and drove off. Thus, we have in place. Read more here: omega 3. A place in the fishing club Litvinovo – well, it's fantastic. Two magnificent lake area of 6.2 ha.

(Depths to 12 meters), and 0.8ga. (Depths of up to 5 meters). We are uncovering a fishing rod, bait and prepare ahead. We got up close to see each other, jealous of the successes of fellow peeping, and occasionally a pair of bandy words: fishing not tolerate noise. Slowly bombarded bait and look like bright red float rocked antenna. Initially, all is quiet. Waiting for half an hour and begin experimenting with bait. When trying their "" – based on the Hercules with the float begins to happen, something strange. Such behavior of the float is when the forests a bit caught on the grass, but in my case it is not. Bam! Eagle Eye flutters quite a decent carp. I have a strong fishing line, Japanese, and I pull him even without replanting. In general, the day we go fishing at fame. On arrival home of my overall weight of the catch was 12 kg. However, a friend there were more fortunate. Though he only caught three carp and a couple of carp, but no! Only one instance was pulling nearly five kilograms. Angling for a friend of his long and hard because strong copy fell and there was a whole saga when he was angling for him from the water. Well, it was evening. We made a fire and began to prepare the ear satisfied and happy. Koster, ear, fishing tales, the hundred grams of success. Yes, that's really really Litvinovo can feel the real holiday in Moscow Semyon Gorchakov, an avid fisherman Prepared according to the site