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Best practice method ‘ Centracon decision model’ aims for a requirements and benefits optimized alignment of virtualization from Leichlingen, 10 November 2011 – company in the virtualization of IT jobs as risk-free as possible can make their strategies and implementation concepts, the consulting company Centracon has developed the decision model. It is part of his model solution framework (CSF) for the implementation and operation optimization of virtualized IT workplace solutions. Just because the client virtualization is currently developed a trend issue, is”the risk of poorly secured decisions, founded the Centracon consultant Marcus Zimmermann to develop of the method concept. In particular, it is necessary to consider the virtualization not only technological aspects, but with a much broader view. It is used today most tactical or even as a pure problem solver, because the necessary business context will not be created for this technology.” For this purpose is essential to the Centracon decision model. Behind that a modular approach, which has proven itself in the implementation of structured preliminary projects such as, for example, studies, feasibility studies, etc.

has been proven in practice. It strategic importance and usefulness in business virtualized IT jobs for the company can have, what conditions and structures must be created for the usage and how should look the meaningful entry and how to implement that is parsed. The necessary decision-making criteria are suitable for use, systematic and transparent manner. Identification of benefits and potential for optimisation and development of approaches based on this then. These are valued in a combination of cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis to derive a solution proposal and to indicate the next steps. This is comprehensible and secure decisions in the To meet the client virtualization strategies. The systematic approach is phases built on successive: orientation phase 1: a clearly articulated objectives for client virtualization is being developed on the basis of the business and IT goals, as well as the existing framework.