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The human body is crossed by invisible energy pathways, called meridians. The human body is crossed by invisible energy pathways, called meridians. In these energy lines, the life energy, also “qi” flows called. This Qi does it matter that the man feels, thinks, and acts like he. The meridians are, with the associated institutions in conjunction, such as for example the lung, colon, gall bladder, liver, kidney, bladder, heart, the small intestine, the spleen and the stomach. This power flow can get through stalled and there is an imbalance in the body. In the tradition of ancient writings, there are no exact figures of how many meridians there are. By the body surface area, within easy reach, are the “twelve traditional meridians” and the “eight extraordinary meridians”.

The network of fine energy paths can be affected by acupuncture. To deepen your understanding The Rolling Stones is the source. The body is is suffering from, no longer flows the energy (QI) in their regulated railways. Acupuncture has aimed to affect the flow in the body and cause stagnation. What acupuncture options are there? “Japanese Meridian acupuncture”, the body is treated with very fine needles, achieving a harmonisation of the meridians (energy pathways). Due to the current situation of pulse and abdominal diagnosis to determine the selection of the acupuncture points. The pulse, change is determined by how of the further therapy. The Japanese Meridian acupuncture is applied especially after a treatment or after serious diseases, psychological situations or after treating acute discomfort. “Syndrome acupuncture”, the pain in body aches and pains in the musculoskeletal system are treated in deeper regions.

Here, that fit each other and which are allocated to the various organ systems, disease patterns are examined. Take for example the liver Qi-stagnation, noticeable by string-shaped tight pulse, rolled-up outer margins of the tongue, stomach aches and pains under the right costal arch. However, it must be keep in mind that it is to the point of view of the Chinese, as are referred to the organs. You may refer to the function circles of the institutions and is not comparable to the German medicine. “Ear acupuncture” needles of duration of used in the ear, you can stimulate yourself. So the needles do not interfere, they are almost invisible covered with a patch. The needles can stay a week in the ear as needed. Ear acupuncture helps the healing process addiction treatments and often Additionally applied with body acupuncture. Treatment severe shock experience with “Trauma acupuncture”, achieved good results. As a trauma can occur for example due to the loss of a loved one. The family situation and in particular the experiences from different life stages is considered in this treatment. As one enters, trauma acupuncture on the strengths and weaknesses of the people. It is particularly important to focus on the strengths of the person, but this is only possible if these strengths are also known. This help consulting conversations where the talents of the individual are analyzed. Astrostein Verlag M. Steinbach Brandroster 60 51427 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: 02204 506 326 the Astrostein Publishing House focused on esoteric lives consulting and belongs to the active lives consulting platforms in German-speaking countries. Can online seeking advice from qualified consulting indifferent / in select. Focus of discussions in the areas of Cartomancy, Tarot, astrology, horoscopes, clairvoyance and divination. Every new customer can test the experience of the consultants and the benefit of the advice without obligation and without registration. In addition to telephone consultations also Horoscopes are available. The offer of advisers is (D/A/CH).