Miguel Hernandez

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In an interview with the mining poet said, to make it clear that he preferred not to talk more about the issue and save those feelings for her : Lo de Miguel Hernandez very recently publicly reminded our friendship and I prefer silence him. I am a simple woman, which I don’t like to aerate the intimacy that may seem that it seeks popularity >.Carmen Conde Abellan(Cartagena 1907, Madrid 1996), co-founder with her husband Antonio Oliver Belmas, the Popular University of Cartagena, was the first woman who served as Chair at the Royal Academy Espanola(letra K). They were true friends of Miguel, they helped him making room in his University and circle of friends, when I needed it most: in their principles, they arroparon of loyal friendship conveyed a great literary hope, caught him and ameraron with an undertone of warmth, colour and knowledge, informing him before the press murciana(lo cual le permitio la) (approach to literary circles and raised their morale). At the end of his life he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, but still did not stop granting interviews to personally collect the prizes and amazingly continued with its activity. Carmen Conde reminded Miguel years later, in what was called, table round of poetry, at the I Assembly of poets and writers of the Spanish Southeast in Orihuela on 19 and 20 March 1955. In his ELEGY Conference: three unforgettable Orihuela adolescents and one of La Union. There is a new commemorative edition of the centenary of Carmen Conde in August 2007, which rightly made La Fundacion Cultural Miguel Hernandez, with a Foreword: the weight of the memories of Aitor L.Larrabide Achutegui.(Director Cultural de la Fundacion Cultural Miguel Hernandez).Ana Maria Manuela Josefa Gomez and Gonzalez, known as Maruja Mallo (Vivero, Lugo 1902, Madrid 1995).Jose Luis Ferris, Miguel Hernandez, passions, jail and death of a poet. Issues of today, 2002, He writes almost all of the sonnets are addressed Maruja Mallo and Maria Cegarra.