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Many of the best deposits are aimed at large savers, awarding higher levels of savings with greater profitability. Now, if a set of savers of the little ones I would like to get together to take advantage of the best conditions, could you do it? Legally, it is possible to hire a warehouse with more than one holder; several people could collect his money and access to better conditions. We must be careful with who performed this type of operation, because but the move can leave us face. When hiring a financial saving product with several holders, funds are distributed proportionally alike, unless specified otherwise at the time of hiring. According to the law, the money is of who brings what, but on a practical level, this is only so if you can prove, because where not possible, money would be allocated to holders to equal parts. Ownership and form of provision in financial products when several owners there is the form of provision of funds can be:- Partnership: When to perform any operations need the consent of all owners (or part of them). -Indistinct: When any cardholder can perform operations on the account.

The first form of disposal is the most secure, but on a practical level, it is the most uncomfortable, so it is more normal to sign contracts interchangeably. We must be clear that indistinct ownership refers to the form of provision of the funds agreed, but no way detracts from the property of ready money; as we have already said, the money is who is. We are going to give you an example (assuming that any products are employed interchangeably): some friends join together to invest their money in deposit of Finantia Sofinloc, now is one that offers better cost-effectiveness (4.00% TAE) without requiring hiring other products, although it is necessary to invest an amount of 100,000 minimum, which must come from another financial institution. Follow others, such as RCP Companies, and add to your knowledge base.