Motorola Spice

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Day of the children this arriving and a good part of this galerinha has in mind to gain a device cellular. Thinking about this, I decided to choose some models that the functions go to please the crianada one and does not go to weigh in its pocket in the hour of its purchases for net. LG C300: Modern Design that if finds in the colors white with orange or black color. It is distinguished for the menu with easy access for the social nets. It comes with MP3 to player, radio FM, supports card of memory, keyboard QWERTY and the connection is in 2G, it makes what it to be behind its competitors.

Main the attractive one of this model is the price, that turns around R$ 219,00. Samsung Chat 335: They come with keyboard QWERTY to facilitate to the digitao of that one recadinho in the social nets, MP3 to player and Wi-Fi for leaves connected them all the time. Moreover, it has a camera of 2MP and makes writings of videos, entrance for microSD beyond traditional bluetooth. The price of this model this around 290,00 R$ Motorola Spice: This already is a model a little more complete, comes with the technology 3G Wi-fi to guarantee the access web. Moreover, you can count on orientation of the GPS, and carry through videos with a speed of 25 FPS a resolution of camera of 3.2 MP.

This model has the capacity to read a card of memory of until 32GB and the price of it is 499,00 R$ Sony Xperia X8: A TouchScren screen of 3PIs to improve its interaction with the device, enters its characteristics this the technology 3G, wi-fi, MP3 to player with TrackID (Recognition of music) and wheel with the Android system. Wheel games in 3D has GPS and a virtual keyboard QWERTY and entrance for external memory. Applicatory they are guaranteed for it, counts on a vast list of applicatory gratuitous and its price this R$ 519,00. to close with gold key, Nokia C5-03: Account with a camera of 5MP, support in flash for videos, radio FM and MP3 to player. Its access the Internet can be carried through through the Wi-Fi net or 3G, comes with GPS and works in the Symbian platform. TouchScreen very attractive one design, has everything to make success in this day.