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The tables to multiply with the hands Method of lsa hands Professor Luis Machado C 5112565 086112108 SICOA 2011 Technique to learn To multiply with the fingers, Factory dictated by the Prof. Luis Machado C To count on the fingers does not have why to be shameful. In order to multiply by 9, it extends both hands with Las Palmas upwards. To the first finger of the left the 1 corresponds, to following the 2, and thus until the last finger of the right, to which it corresponds the 10 to him. You want to know how much gives 9 multiplied by 3? Simply it doubles the third finger. Later, it counts how many fingers are towards a side: two, and how many they are towards the other: seven. I reunited both numbers and you have the result of the multiplication: 27. With the fingers also accounts can be made more complex.

For example, you can to each other multiply two numbers from the 6 to the 9 following these steps. It extends the hands with Las Palmas downwards. The thumb represents the 6, the index to the 7, and thus until meique, that represents the 10. I both united fingers that represent the numbers that you want to multiply. For example, to multiply 78 you must unite the index of a hand with the middle finger of the other. It to each other multiplies the fingers of a hand and of which they are above. In the example, 32=6. Sum all the other fingers, including which they are touched, and agreg a zero to the right.

In the example, they are five fingers, that with a zero become 50. Both numbers are added: 6+50=56. That is been from the initial multiplication. To multiply with the fingers.