Muscle Contractions

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Grinding is when the occlusion acts as an intermediary between emotion and dynamic muscle contractions resulting not associated with any function. It can be day and / or night. Grinding is also known as bruxism, is clinically manifested by involuntary jaw excursions that produce intermittent interocclusal friction on selected pieces unconsciously. It is the expression of emotional tension continued consientizada not as well as aggressive tendencies or distress somaticize in the mouth. It is observed more frequently in individuals who present with severe behavioral disorders. Bruxism occurs more frequently in male individuals. "The clenching jaw movements are the result of the search unconscious patient centric relation, occlusal removing barriers which prevent it from" 3 The type of occlusal wear and / or incisal indicate the mode in which each patient exercises his Bruxism as well as consider the degree of wear, the location of it and the sensitivity according to the following scale: Grade 1: Only wear of enamel.

Grade 2: Wear of dentine. Grade 3: Reducing the spread of the crown in one third of its original size, or advanced wear (lingual or vestibular). Grade 4: Reducing the spread of the crown in more than one third or pulp injury. TREATMENT The first option would be to institute therapy "holds" called interocclusal orthopedic appliances, above any other. They are recommended to achieve the linking of relationships lost (jaw and dental), to achieve optimum performance of the positions and functions gnatico system. Therefore relieve tensions and possibilities of recurrence of various neurotic habits.