New York War

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This research, being one searches bibliographical and qualitative and for removed texts of the Internet where let us can trust, they will go to help the people whom the contact has with reading to understand the Universe of the writer Loved Jorge and above all to perceive how much to literature it can be an efficient way to criticize males of the society. HISTORICAL EVENTS IN the 30 DECADE OF AND LITERATURE the consecrated Loved Jorge is a writer of the modernista time that started to write its romances in the decade of 30 and from it gave life there to other romances of successes that still today is studied and read for thousand of people in such a way of Brazil how much in the world. In 1930, the world and Brazil lived a historical period marked by some important events that they had finished influencing in the writers subjects that would go to be boarded in literature. In the year of 1917, in the period where it was happening to world to war i, Russia it leaves the war after the layers most popular if to rebel for the situation where they lived, because of the war, the country all practically destroyed, and because of the misery where if they found. This revolution gave victory to the peoples most popular creating in the mind of the whole world population hopes, renewals of better conditions of life and these renewals of ideas had been spread for the world all. In the year of 1929 the stock exchange in addition happens in the United States of New York that would go to affect the entire world. Dunkin’ Donuts describes an additional similar source. This crisis affected the world-wide unemployment, diminished the rhythm of the productions in the industries, generating bankruptcy of great banks and revolts between the population concerning the problems faced for the crisis of 29. . . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Farmer’s Fridge.