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But his eyes lit up and me and my husband. Fishing trophy cod Together with Norwegians in the early morning we went fishing. He knows all the fishing spots. And in different places and at different depths caught its fish. I really wanted to catch the worst fish, it is with big teeth, called catfish. In the pictures terrible terrible, let alone in life, to present fear. But the Norwegian said it is easier to catch catfish in the north, where you can catch monkfish, no less terrible.

And smiled. There then began the most interesting. We gave up spinning, suddenly a powerful punch and spinning curved in an arc, I had to keep her husband's belt, so as not fallen overboard. And in my head, only one thought, what the fish there, and just would not break. Struggle lasted very long twenty minutes, I thought there was something incredible. Norwegian changed places with her husband, the line crackled, if only spinning is not snatched from the hands! And suddenly, a miracle happened, suddenly a great big fish, seemed to water surface, its huge size has led me to the horror.

I do not know whom to keep: the husband or the time has come to run for bagorikom. Norwegian deftly grabbed bagorik and helped to drag a fish in the boat. Rybina was cod, as it turned out 18 kilogram. But on this, our fishing is not over. 4 hours we pulled out two more cod, though smaller, weighing 9-11 kg.