Our Mother

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To be Mother Mother is a woman who interlaced her hands with those of the loved man, to whom she gave in body and soul to form between a both cradle. It can have something more beautiful? A Mother, is a woman who has something of God by the immensity of her love, and of angel by the untiring request of her cares much. She can have more total delivery? Our Mother, who with a glance knows to read in deepest of our soul, is a woman that, if he is insufficient in his knowledge, discovers the secrets of the life with more success than a wise person, and, if she is well-educated, impregnates like anybody of the candor and the necessity of her son. Mother is a woman who, being vigorous, shakes with the weeping of the fruit of her entrails and being weak, knows to have if with the fierceness of a lioness is precise. There will be something more admirable and worthy of admiration? Ours Mother is a woman who, to perhaps teaches few things us, but those that of her we learn, are those that marks the sense of our lives. There will be something more venerable? The Mother, is a woman, with a so great power, that she is only able to erase of the spirit of her children, the sad feeling of the orphanhood. Will be something more nobleman? And finally, Mother is a woman with a so inescapable destiny and vocation, that until the same God she wanted to feel the warm emotion to need one.

We can find in this miserable world something greater and more beautiful simultaneously? Of our Mother, a thing has of which often we must ourselves be sorry, and only is that it leaves us before we realize that we have been so egoistic, that we have not had time to give back only one small part to him of all their sacrifice, its permanent delivery and the infinite love that it gave to us. Only we lose when it, we felt like guilty, we see orphaned destitutes irremissible and. Luckily, Extreme Hacedor, only gave one us. Nobody would hold pain to lose it twice.