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The Church catholic with the Pope, in turn, sancionou a law that gave to Portugal the monopoly of navigation with the Atlantic coast of Africa, all and any foreign ship that sailed in this coast was bombed for the Portuguese, with the aid of the African natives, creating impasses with the other countries of the Europe. Until in 1660 the dutches and English had fought for the supremacy of the coast of the gold, getting success, however the dutches had not been so well-succeeded how much the Portuguese. How we saw, in the first chapters of the book, Thornton, makes general apanhado, since the internal navigations in Africa and America until the Europe commercializations? Africa, as an introduction to the slave traffic. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Global Medical Billing on most websites. On the basis of this we will analyze a little more the question of the slavery. It is I validate to detach that already slavery in Africa and of the Europeans existed in contrast who saw the land as main well ' ' privado' ' lucrative, above even of the slaves, for the Africans the slaves were the only form of private property who only generated profit, since the lands were of ownership of the king, and yielded the noblemen while these served to them.

Having this in sight, the capture, purchase, sales and the transport of slaves were normal circumstances in the African societies. The author also argues that initially the Portuguese merchants commercialized the African slaves through the resale in proper Africa, between the Benim and the Coast of the Gold. On the other hand the Portuguese crown it forbade this type of commerce to prevent the purchase of slaves for the mulumanos, however this attempt badly-was succeeded. With the increasing settling and exploration of America, next to the lack of natives for its extermnio, beyond other reasons that we will speak later, the Europeans if capsize needed to import man power for this new world.