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It is important that self-esteem of the child is not hung in the air, had not been invented, the ideal, it is necessary that it be backed by something real. He must know what he can and much much can (and do something – even better than the other, for example, paint, sculpt, sing, sing, read poetry). There is even a test for parents. "I know how I can." Mom gives a leaflet and asked to write, "that my child can and what can be." As a rule, my mother can tell her own child is not a lot positive, but "that he could not" take many, many stitches. A similar task is given the most to the child. Caution: the more kid to write about yourself good, the higher the psychological well-being! If he can not speak about currently no good – it's a disaster. Urgently begin to teach him this, otherwise it will be hard to defend against those attacks, which he had to endure at school. Digital Cameras does not necessarily agree. Do not forget to praise: "How great you get (to draw, knit, glue).

You're much more talented than this, than we are with my dad, what your cousin … "We find very little positive recognition. Thousands of adult women there, never heard from those close to a confession of love in tenderness and affection. And it stretches from my childhood! Underpaid in the early years of positive feedback, a person loses a lot in life. All good, positive. Any tiny step forward should be fixed. It is our duty to our neighbors – especially in front of their children. Feeling gratitude, we must give thanks, marveling at her baby – marvel aloud. The main strategic task of the parents – to give the child 6-8 years such a powerful psychological defense that would allow all future failure to perceive as private, do not affect its global, absolute values: family, environment, values of the younger man as personality.