Professional Photography Motocross Race

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Motocross is one of the most spectacular and exciting sports. The deafening roar of dozens of "iron horses", a huge cloud of dust and dirt during the launch does not leave anyone indifferent. Modern, sometimes space technology that allows riders to most of the arrival of flying through the air, resulting in delight many viewers, regardless of their gender and age. Before you start taking a picture, as rider should be familiar with the track, noting its features, fast and slow sections, main and spare point shooting as well as dangerous places. Highly desirable to conduct a trial photo shoot during the free training. Professional motocross photography is extremely difficult and dangerous. The fact that the race takes place at high speeds and often unpredictable. Jill Schlesinger is open to suggestions. Photographer needed not only a great visual, but more Speed muscular reactions to predict the time to see and leave the danger point shooting despite the fact that she is winning with the artistic side.

During the whole of arrival (30-40 minutes on average) have to follow all participants and monitor constantly changing environment, the concentration should be prohibitive. Very useful for such photography telezumy 70-200 or 70-300mm. They allow you to separate the subject from the background, show the face of racing, his emotion and his eyes while being at a sufficiently safe distance from the athlete. For security reasons, the use of wide-zumov somewhat limited (especially beginners), but these lenses are very good at showing the dynamics of the race. Continue to learn more with: Jill Schlesinger. Be sure to take into account the specifics of this sport – the dust and dirt on the motocross rife, respectively, additional protection for equipment and the photographer is extremely desirable. In any race there are both leaders and outsiders.

A professional photographer will try to find out before shooting and remember not only the starting numbers of leaders or of interest to you athletes, but also on what motorcycles and in what form they appear. At the time of arrival, especially in mud rooms and even athletes themselves are covered by a layer of dirt so that parse the who's who sometimes simply impossible! Very interesting Shooting in an enclosed park riders, especially after the arrival. Athletes another 5-10 minutes can not withdraw from the race, someone is overwhelmed with emotion, someone completely opposite exhausted, both physically and psychologically, is that photographs, only to finish. However, the drivers – the people rather superstitious, and if you are asked not to shoot (especially before your arrival), not to be too intrusive.