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He had wanted to bring them all, and I have not withdrawn it. During his exile, Salas was an assiduous Tertullian Miraflores Santiago Chile mythical coffee meeting point for exiled Spaniards. He was collaborator of Romance, directed by Juan Rejano magazine and collaborated in which a large number of intellectual transterrados: Juan Ramon Jimenez, Jose Bergamin, Rafael Alberti, Pedro Salinas, Jorge Guillen, Leon Felipe, Corpus Barga, Ramon Gomez de la Serna, Luis Cernuda, Jose Moreno Villa, Emilio Prados, Manuel Altolaguirre, Cesar M. Arconada, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Maria Zambrano, Isabel o. of PalenciRamon Gaya, Juan Gil-Albert also collaborated in Spain free, fortnightly newspaper published in Santiago of Chile, city in which for many years made musical and literary critic for El Mercurio. He was director of the Institute of musical research, Professor of the Faculty of science and musical arts of the University of Chile, the Pedagogical Institute and the National Conservatory of music professor and director of the Central Library of the University of Chile. He created his own musical magazine, Revista Musical Chilena.

Among the titles most relevant for his literary works we quote: Journal of war a soldier (1938), the first Conference and other narratives of the Spanish war (January 1939, reissued the next year in Chile), Chile (1943) modern musicians, feeling and expression in music: from baroque to romanticism (1943), the last light of Mozart (1949), the musical creation in Chile 1900-1955 (1952)Decisive moments in music (1957), spacious loneliness (1960), book of short stories about Spain and America, the double death of Felipe Villagran (1960), novel, and music and musical creation (1966), essay on musical theory. We finished this brief sketch of Viu rooms, with the last paragraph of one of his stories published in Spain time: soldier of that feat did not know the name. After she returned to merge with their classmates. Knew, Yes, that was one of the guys from the second battalion of the 69. But this was unimportant; might just have been the First, 49, of any of the Division. His greatness lay precisely in this, in having incarnated itself to the entire Division in the days of late February in front of Teruel.

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