Sagamore Hotel

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In the Average Age the inns, that already were gaining its space in the Europe and were more or less standardized with internal patios, spaces to spend the night had been constructed, kitchens, areas of feeding etc. As information of the Vestibule of the Education had a significant increase of the trips for the Europe and the displacement of the feudal system made with that competition between establishments appeared of the hoteleira industry. The given services had started to function as distinguishing and some inns had started to offer to services of exchange of horses and repairs in the covered carts. With the increase of the covered carts it was made with that in the distance being covered it was in little time. With the sprouting of the railroads, the inns and inns that if benefited of the traffic of the roads turn its customers even so going.

With this the stations terminals start to be the new innovation of the ways of lodging and had to a great one I number of passengers to be carried, the hotels already started to assume its role. The Industrial Revolution brought obtains technological and social changes of the time that had been influential the tourist activity. A point that valley to detach is that together with the tourist activity the transport also has its participation, therefore they had become the trips fastest, cheap and safe thus increasing the number of travellers. The sprouting of the machines is still distinguished in this period the vapor, in which they were capable to make trips the vapor. With these changes in the technological area the hotels had also started to adopt this modernization. According to it emends Hoteleira Management of the Vestibule of Saber, we will show some examples of hotels that had adopted such evolution, are: City Hotel in U.S.A., 1810? partial illumination the gas; Tremont House, Boston 1820? locks in the units habitacionais; Holts Hotel, New Iorque 1830? luggage elevator; American Hotel, New Iorque 1835? total illumination the gas; to Palmer House Hotel, Chicago 1871? structure the fire test; Sagamore Hotel, Lake George 1880? electric illumination in all the UHs; Netherland Hotel, New Iorque 1890? telephones in all the UHs.