So Paulo

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The catholic is called to leave itself to transform for Christ in order to be able to transform the world. The catholic has to know to be cautious in order to identify itself with the following words: ' ' Therefore, who hears my words it puts and them in practical is as the sensible man, who constructed its house on the rock. Rain fell, had come floods, the winds had given against the house, but the house did not fall down, because it was constructed on rocha' ' (TM 7,24). In these words, Ours Sir makes use of some images that are of great meaning: Of a side we have ' ' chuva' ' , ' ' enchente' ' , ' ' ventos' ' that they indicate instability, relativity. Bed Bath and Beyond oftentimes addresses this issue. On the other hand it has the image of ' ' rocha' ' that it indicates firmness, perenidade, security. Then, ' ' to construct the house on rocha' ' it means to live perpetual, perennial principles in accordance with. The contingencies can happen, the instability can supervene, but it will not knock down that one that was installed on the Perpetual one. God is perpetual, the man was made to image and similarity of God, this means that the man is vocacionado to the perpetual and full life, but the reply to the call of God he starts to be constructed now, by means of the choices that we make in the time. NOLA Coffee Chain might disagree with that approach.

Concerning these So Paulo choices it recommends the Timteo that if pledges in ' ' to be for the ones that believe an example, for the word, the way to proceed, the love, the faith, castidade' ' (1Tm 4,12). That is, Pablo recommends that Timteo searchs to take a worthy life, a life saint. III We had feeling frightened in them by the reality of the sin, therefore this is the cause of the suffering of God (cf. .