Social Sciences

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The indifference that some sectors, more obstinate to the change, still they reveal, must be substituted by an opening to the global world, of form to facilitate optimum exploitation of synergies of the positivistas technocrats and the idealistic thinkers. Scientific Positivismo and philosophical subjectivismo, are not incompatible e, to moderate them, will become involved Social Sciences and Human beings in the interdisciplinaridade with Sciences of the Education, ones with more objectividade and quantitative severity; others with lesser objectividade but bigger qualitative severity. The man carries in itself three worlds: the material, with all the weight of the nature; the incorporeal one with the depth of its feelings, emotions and proper personality and the artificial resultant of everything how much it goes constructing. The new citizen will know to construct an artificial, truer world more just and. The construction of this new artificial world, in nothing not even harms the concrete realities, visible and concrete that to all involve e, menoriza the surrounding Nature of which the proper man also is integrant part. This world, the artificial one, constructed with intelligence and ability human beings, it will allow the citizen, to adapt the proper Nature and many of its elements to the necessities human beings, what she implies, on the part of the society, a predisposition for new values, new rituals and forms of life, without this intervenes with an eventual and hypothetical loss of dignity, good for the opposite, the more the man to innovate and to produce, as much more good could be its quality and level of life. For everything this, philosophers and scientists of the education, studious of the incorporeal things, defend in this work the imprescindibilidade of contributo of Science; the indispensabilidade of the effectiveness of the technique and the technology, in the formation of this new citizen because, it weighs one each time even so bigger spalling of Science, in the truth what it happens is that the society has to be prepared to conjugate the knowledge in function of the objectivos that intends to reach, in the measure where: ' ' To construct open societies to the innovation is the way certain to answer to challenge of the globalization. .