State Universities

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In the Venezuelan case which concerns us, the integration of the State with the University has much left to say for many years, has been neglected monitoring, integration of the universities to government programmes, the role of these to justify the reason for its existence and warranty properly leveraged for the good of the country. Many national universities, specifically the public who we are integrated, unfortunately, have become heritage of power groups, in where still in some, there are plots of political parties that control it, kept for years, selected by their authorities, teachers, administrative staff and up to labor, leaving much to be said of its results, the commitment to ensuring academic excellence, professional harmony to the requirements demanded by the present, predominating over the individual interests of the group, the community and even more, in a stage of turbulence, uncertain, risky in the political, economic, social, cultural, as he is facing, especially, when the new Government under Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez management is fully identified in to lead the country, towards what has been called the new socialism of the 21st century. Definitely universities manifests a mismanagement, leaving much saying its functionalism in all aspects, administrative, academic, teaching, which has given way to currently not be having perfect operability that is needed, especially of its alumni professionals, where it shows the decuido in addition to the plant of its teachers, teachers required to face reality, to the characteristics of a scenario of uncertainty, turbulent, risky as the current reference has been made to whichwhere it is necessary to have professionals who are able to meet the challenges, give way to the necessary changes, involving confidence is restored, declares the democratic balance, scenario where can provide with security knowledge so that all who live in Venezuela enjoy it, backing up everything that will benefit the socialhousing, and cultural, health and educational. .