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Many customers do not know that furniture is made from walnut to the detriment of the environment, because the wood largely from the United States must be imported. Just in Germany, solid wood furniture are popular, because they are known for their sturdy and robust properties and commonly much emphasis on resistance and lasting values of the Germans. But in addition to native types of wood, such as oak also tropical Woods include beech or walnut, long among the best sellers. Teak wood here leads the field in terms of sales figures clearly indicating where just tropical Woods had been in recent years a little discredited, because deforestation of many varieties contributes to the reduction of tropical rain forests. Deciding for teak furniture, so care should be taken, that they have the seal of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This is one of the few international certificates which tropical wood be awarded, just not from tropical rain forests, but also man-made plantations. Unfortunately, this is still the only warranty which customers have to identify benign tropical wood. For this reason it is advisable also for the purchase of teak furniture immediately to trigger a dealer, because they sell now almost exclusively products with the FSC label.

In addition to this some critical aspect in relation to tropical wood, it has of course unique reasons why teak furniture in Germany are so popular. Teak grows in the moist, warm regions of Asia and has developed a natural defence mechanism against the influences of the weather through the millennia. The speech is of high fiber density of wood, as well as its narrow vessel structure, which ensure that only very little moisture from entering the Interior and the wood is thus protected before the rotten. That is why teak furniture suitable for use indoors, as well as for use in the garden. However, the teak wood used outdoors should not completely untreated weather be left. While this shows very resistant even against fluctuating climatic conditions, a characteristic grey patina but takes in the course of time.

This is not a sign of a loss of quality of the wood, but a natural and for these species specific response. So anyone who wants to maintain the mostly golden brown color of its teak furniture for the garden, either chooses a lacquered variant, or maintains the individual pieces regularly with special teak oil. This special treatment”also the furniture for indoor use good why real wood lovers at least once schedule the regular rites in the year. How to get not only the beauty of the wood, but wood also supplied nutrients. This makes it resistant to the everyday wear and tear, such as small scratches or smudges. Because teak wood belongs to the so-called hard woods, are of course also teak furniture solid and convince through Stability and longevity. On a piece of furniture made from teak, you will have his joy over the years; even the parade or the regular shunting around of the furniture as it has now become the trend, nothing can have such a product. Who don’t like the classic brown color of the wood with its dark brown grain, will find the individual models in other liveries at the dealer, so teak furniture can be adapted individually to the own furnishing style and creates a harmonious overall impression of the room.