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If you are not successful in several attempts with this method, you still have options. Try a different technique with the same product, or consider using a different form of the product. Before purchasing the supplement in a different way, you may be able to turn what you have into something more workable. For example, the pills can be crushed into powder, the powder can be made into a paste or liquid, and some of these can be mixed into food. Working with liquid Several techniques can be used to give liquid supplements pets. The most direct is to put directly into the mouth using a syringe or dropper. Most people find a syringe can be more effective, and syringes and droppers are cheap and readily available so you can determine which works best for each of your pets.

Some pets are very resistant to hold their mouths open, and especially after taste of what you give, you can make it harder for you to repeat after the first time. If this is the case for one or more of your pets, do not despair, you still can use what you have. According to Kay Aubrey-Chimene, Bio-Nutritional consultant with nearly two decades of work in the field of animal health and nutrition, phytonutrients (silver-based foods such as herbal tinctures) can be absorbed into the body almost as easily through the skin and through the digestive tract. Transdermal use, rubbing a liquid extract or a dye on the skin is particularly effective in a base of alcohol, as alcohol assists with absorption.