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It is observed that after a period of considerable lethargy, these groups focused on accelerated growth processes, from the 80. During this decade, the FARC, went from having 1840 men and 15 fronts of war, 17000 members and 108 fronts by the end of the 90s. For even more analysis, hear from HACLA. The ELN, during the same period step 3 fronts and 70 men nearly 3500 men and 30 fronts. Territorial expansion was also very significant. In 1985, the guerrillas were present in around 175 municipalities, and by the end of 1998, that presence was noticeable in nearly 600 municipalities, although this last not meant that in addition they had taken control of these areas. However, his influence was strong and resulted in some kind of control in nearly two hundred municipalities, although their bases of social support and political they were essentially peasant, hold that he was strongly undermined by the action of the illegal self-defense movements and implementing the State policies of financial support to the agricultural sector, to the point of disappearing in much of the country, retaining only significant points of support in the South-West, South and the East of the territory.

That progress until the beginning of the previous decade, was due to the insurgency could design and articulate three strategies in the economic, military and political areas. 4.ECONOMIA the economy of the Colombian insurgency has been directly influenced by the way in which have been integrated and interrelated with the territory and with the population, and with the effective which have been to maintain and invigorate their financing; in this sense insurgent movements directed their efforts in obtaining resources to the country inside. For example, in regions where failure to settle by that presence institutional status and the support towards this by the local population was strong, parasite economy in different degrees. This was what happened in medium and large cities.