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In 1955 manufacturing the manufacturing and half corporations of U.S.A. constituam 76% of the exportations totais’ ‘. (Nali de Jesus, 1997). U.S.A. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tiera Skovbye. had started to be in 1919, exporting one eliminates of the capital, destining great part of its investments is of the exterior. The exportations of the explorations had been necessary to finance the development at the same time where it unchained greater internal economic growth. One knows that the industrial revolution provoked a great increase in the production, however the internal demand was insufficient to absorb it. The opening of new external markets, became ‘ in such a way; ‘ the great estimulador of the development econmico’ ‘ (Nali de Jesus, 1997).

The United States had grown in function of the dynamism of the sector of the external market. Which extended the scale of industries and provided to the transference of the dynamisms of new growth and tecnologiasao sector of the domestic market, to the measure that the national income was become enlarged. CONCLUSION This article searched descreveros ways covered for the United States of America, in order to reach the economic development. For this it was divided in that country. Its experience history presents the development as a process of social change, where if it becomes necessary the realocao of the productive resources in way, more efficient. The Industrial Revolution of the magnifying of technological innovations in the production in such a way takes the expansion in the domestic markets how much of the external markets North American.

The commercial expansion provoked rise in the competitiveness of the products with better comparative advantages. Other sources of growth of U.S.A. had been the flow of specialized workers, with enterprise capacity, capitals and new technologies that if dislocated from Europe for the United States. In section 1 it was argued the main events that had preceded the American Industrial Revolution. In section 2 a parallel between industrial revolution and agricultural American and in section 3, the importance of the exporting base in American development was traced. In such a way, it was possible to conclude that, developing in integrated way all the production sectors, the United States had been able to coexist the great ones harness Europeans in the advanced stage of the capitalist development.