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And Eskimos

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Next year I’m coming back again you”sounds even better, or? I want to say that it is to load even on that the seller is courteous and knowledgeable, as well as this would clearly saying it, what you need, or whether you want to be advised and that you pay at the checkout and does not takes off. (I know some sellers to look as if just the spouse is blown, but the job is too hard) So, wants to tell the author? Shopping on the internet is very easy, and please, please, most are honest people, because if something goes wrong sometimes, but scammers are rarer than you want to make us know. Your was Bank branch in the last, let’s say 15 years raiding? When you have just taken account statements? How often do you see that on TV? Every day! But some television channels apparently have nothing to send another more. (We have television and theatre as a customer, so I want to say anything, but so a little fear-mongering is already widespread) Of course care has to a little, especially since, if you pay in advance. But: Every website has an imprint, owner, legal form, phone, fax, email, tax number, bank details. Lacking that, ok. Is the phone constantly occupied? Nothing says you have only 2 ears. Be answered questions by E-mail? If not the same, but the next day? Accept these credit card payments on your part? It is lighted by the Bank.

Oh, what is this year again “in”? The 1970s, pilot, pirates and Indians, but also animal costumes. The middle ages has still his fans. And Eskimos! But so can not predict. And always remember the right wig, look around on the internet. Not always is the cheapest the best. Or even the cutest! Oh and the aunt. Yes, there are also plus size, if not in such a great selection, also but still thematically diverse. Joachim Hirschmann