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Living Room Design Construction

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Living room – one of the most visited rooms: here the family spends quiet and comfortable, or, conversely, lively and fun evening together, invite the guests here. To living happy with the hosts and gave the impression to visitors to an environment must be approached very carefully, and most understand this: the interior design of St. Petersburg, for example, knows a lot of good solutions for the living room. Open Secrets comfortable environment. In the center of meaning traditional living room kind of key point is the fireplace. Today, fireplaces often serve a decorative function, but it happens that the design houses of St. Petersburg includes the installation of this fireplace. (Similarly see: Jack Fusco). Semantic center can make a musical instrument, television, or dining table (if the room combines the living room and dining room).

It all depends on how the family likes to spend time. Warm color solution shades create a warm and cheerful atmosphere, and cold to set up a peaceful rest and relaxation. Can be distinguished within the same room two zones: a dining room with bright colors and a place of rest – in the quieter shades. Furniture will be optimal ergonomic furniture with rounded corners. Folding tables and chairs will create additional space for guests. Leather furniture looks impressive, but if a family has a home animals, serve it nedolgo.Gostinye sets imported from Eastern countries generally include a wall, a sofa, chair, and the Western variant implies a dining table, cupboards and sideboards. The combination of lighting Wall and overhead lights, the ability to adjust its brightness will make within one room a completely different atmosphere. Artists, for which the design houses of St. Petersburg – the main area activity, it is recommended to combine wall lights with pictures.