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Expanding A Company

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The possibility of redevelopment or extension of additional areas – it is always a plus, especially when pre-fabricated buildings for rent small companies. Experience shows that sooner or later, construction redeemed food chain or department store, and the room is undergoing some changes. With the expansion of company that owns the building needed more space and modular buildings to quickly solve this problem. Building blocks being completed to the existing, enhancing the functional area of the object, with the majority of building continues to function normally. The apparent simplicity of construction sometimes leads to thoughts about what you can save and make a small shed, kiosk or shop on their own.

Suffice it to build a frame, buy a sandwich panel, and fasteners, and more "technical matter". In fact much more complicated and serious. Manufacture of modular buildings – high-tech process that requires extensive experience, thoroughly thought-out projects, specialized equipment. That is why the acquisition of prefabricated buildings and structures necessary to pay attention to the suites, offers serious, well- reputable manufacturers in the market. The slightest deviation from the manufacturing techniques, the use of questionable material inaccuracies in the performance of holes for fasteners can significantly complicate the life of both installers and owners of the future building.

pc Vesta for approximately 20 years specializing in the manufacture of modular buildings, sandwich wall and roof sandwich panels, as well as automatic gates, fire gates and doors. Developing effective solutions to engineering and design field and regular renewal of equipment allow the company to deliver reliable, durable and easy to use prefabricated modular buildings. Carefully designed and "fit" construction elements enable the assembly to implement as quickly as possible on the site. And later, when the expansion of areas with using the additional block-modules, customers will not have to worry about what difficulties may arise. Construction of prefabricated buildings – simple and effective solution to the shortage of facilities of various destination. But only a strong, reliable, durable design capable of serving the years and decades, withstanding the full load capacity and not requiring regular repair and maintenance.


The Premises

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It is unacceptable to use detergents with acid in their composition, as well as pastes and powders with abrasive substances – they can damage the surface of products. Marble countertops should be protected from effects of fat, acid, natural juices and wines. Tea and coffee can also leave the stubborn stains. If such fluids were on the table top, they should immediately blot with a tissue, and then process the marble surface of a special detergent. To remove fat approach is usually white spirit, but to use it to be very careful that, after its application were not bright spots. To maintain an attractive appearance of the marble floor need to get a Drain mat retains dust and sand from the streets. Also, do not be redundant and carpets indoors.

They will protect the floor surface of daily exposure and help extend the life of the marble slabs. Vacuuming is not recommended because of its wheels and brush, even made of plastic, over time, will leave noticeable scratches. Sculptures and decorations indoors require regular disposal of dust with a soft cloth and rubbed in the periodic cleaning compounds. However, if the composition of the marble adorn the garden, terrace, garden furniture, take care of them will have much more often. When effects of high humidity on the products may appear mold, and even the moss to be removed with a light bleach solution. And, of course, the application of a protective water-repellent composition will greatly facilitate care of marble sculptures placed outdoors. Natural marble – a beautiful and durable natural stone.

He is able to decorate every room – from a small bathroom or kitchen in a residential house to a huge hall in the premises for public use. Marble statues, arbors, fountains have become an integral design elements of gardens and parks, and staircases and balustrades from this stone gives the building a special refinement and refinement. "Reputation" marble confirmed for centuries, and modern equipment for stone can get any, even the most complex shapes. And if you want to arrange your home or office with natural materials, choose the stone that the ancients called radiant!


Investment Price Production

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One of the most popular topics in recent years have been the price of cement. They then gradually increases, then rise sharply in 2007 and declined sharply in 2008. What are the real prices of cement and what is the cost of “gray matter”? In ussr cement prices established by the relevant departments, one of the main conditions for the formation of prices was the average profitability of the industry about 30%, for example at an average cost of cement at 15 rubles per ton, bulk prices were around 20 rubles. This sets a minimum level of profitability of 13% of the value of fixed assets. Jack Fusco contains valuable tech resources. Certainly the cost of cement varied depending on the plant, less profitable production subsidized at the expense of more profitable – course in a market economy, this approach is unlikely. Equally important was the fact that the producers of cement in spite of seasonal fluctuations in demand have guaranteed sales in the face of a single customer – the State. It was necessary only to fulfill the production plan and deal only with production issues. In this case, there was a powerful scientific-technical and industrial base to support the cement industry.

The share of depreciation stood at 15% of the total cost of cement. For comparison, the current share of depreciation is at a level of 1%. According to Goskomstat cost of cement for three quarters of 2008 was about 2000 rubles (over the same period last year, about 1500 rubles per ton). Growth was more than 30%. If a cost (2000 rubles – $ 71) add the missing 14% Depreciation – $ 10 18% value-added tax – $ 13, and 13 “investment interest” – $ 39 (considering the fact that building a new cement plant at the rate of $ 300 per ton of production capacity) then the minimum attractive to investors, price is the figure of 133 U.S. dollars.

In this case, do not forget the tax on profits, rising rates of bank loans and what is not seasonally adjusted all production facilities will be loaded, even after overcoming the crisis. Importers are currently offering imported cement in the region of U.S. $ 100, this fact justifies the treatment of domestic manufacturers with a request to impose 30% of protective duties. The share of imported cement has reached 15% of total cement production in Russia, domestic refineries have been forced to reduce production by 6%. Question – how does a including taxes and freight ship cheaper foreign cement Russia is quite understandable – in the cost of cement is fixed costs such as depreciation of equipment, wages, and variable, a substantial part of which occupy about 30% energy. Fixed costs offset a certain amount of domestic consumption, in other words, each ton of “above-cement” costs 2 times more cheaply, and even if we did not bring additional revenue, it will help to significantly reduce costs and minimize losses. Using these circumstances foreign manufacturers are keeping domestic prices, have an opportunity to sell the surplus for outside their own country the dumping price. In the long run, capturing additional markets and weaken local producers likely chance of multiple recovery dumping. Such occurred in the 90 years in the U.S., when the Mexican cement was sold at 63% cheaper than the domestic market, the U.S. government was forced to introduce 60%! import duty on cement, and later it was reduced, but it lasted over 15 years.