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The management of the time is the application of certain procedures or tools to reach our goals or to complete a project in a certain term. Not only he is applicable in the enterprise world, but also in our daily activities. One is the fixation of goals, planning, organization, analysis, priorizacin, supervision of budgets and time available. The time is in fact a resource very difficult to handle. This is the reason by the expression " administration of tiempo" not only it means the management of the time of one, but it also implies the management of our daily activities to make the best use possible of this. Learn more at: translation software. Techniques of management of the time the establishment of objectives: The most important step towards the management of the time is to establish the appropriate objectives in the form of tasks or projects.

This can have the form of a list of tasks or list of tasks with a fixed schedule of conclusion. This can be made as much for our daily tasks, as well as important projects, in works on a daily base or that need periods time. This acts like a reminder of the activities for us. An example of a list of tasks is a simple list of purchases, or the phases of development of a product. This aid not to lose of view the rate to which the tasks are completed, as well as the revision of the adopted strategies. Also it is fundamental to consider that stops the routine tasks is not necessary to write every day, and a standard list of the daily activities like a reminder can be saved time maintaining. Planning: The planning of how we used our time of efficient way and helps us in many ways. Nevertheless, to decide what workings are made certain in a while is difficult.