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After some failures in the statutory health insurance, think many Germans about a change in the car. But the private is really worthwhile only for a few professions. When not worth the PKV change? What health insurance is right for me? Many insured this question arise particularly in the current situation. On the one hand, the bust of BKK city, and reports about the financial plight of other statutory health insurance companies provide uncertainty. On the other hand, also the PKV must accept scratches on the long unblemished image. Here it is mainly increasing contributions that not just heat up the satisfaction of its members. Who has the choice as a self-employed person, officer or employee to decide between two forms of health insurance is facing so large challenges. The forecasts for GKV and PKV are namely not rosy.

It is therefore necessary the various arguments to to consider very carefully. Who can protect themselves privately? Basically, the private health insurance is self-employed, freelancers (with Constraint) and officials openly, unless the income is taken into account. Workers can sick sure only during a private insurance if they exceed a set income. 2011 is the JAEG 49,500 EUR, but constantly adjusts. Who benefits but especially from the car and where the change not worth? Officials: Winner of the PKV examinations and tests of consumer organisations have in the past repeatedly shown that in particular officials or aid authorised persons are among the major profiteers of the private health insurance. The reason: Specially officials in a permanent employment relationship be established even in retirement. The claim against the masters on health care (aid) in the event of sickness remains. Retired officials must therefore cover only a fraction of the cost.

And compared to the active”official activity the scope of aid for retired officials is higher. Therefore, officials of the PKV can comfortably to secure, without excessive contributions. Where not worth the private health insurance? Civil servants will benefit from the car. But there is also the other side. When is to refrain from changing in the car but? The private health insurance advertises repeatedly with comprehensive services and a low initial contribution. This allows for a completely different calculation of premiums as in the statutory health insurance. The private health insurance applies individual risks. Due to this fact, just already beaten pre-existing conditions applicants are considered particularly critical. In this case must be either a rejection (exception: base rate as a result of the contracting obligation) or risk premiums can be expected. The latter can massively increase the initial post and quickly disproportionately burden the financial capacity of the insured. There are more moments in which lags behind the statutory health insurance private health insurance. Young is always a special event, but also with much organizational effort for the expectant parents connected. This includes ensuring health. Under certain conditions (for example, if both parents are privately insured), children can enter into the car. However, a tariff model, which would be comparable with the non-contributory family insurance is missing in the private insurance industry. Parents must pay a contribution in the PKV also for their offspring. Especially in families with multiple children, which far exceed the contributions of the statutory health insurance costs in this way quickly. Conclusion: The change in the private health insurance may be worth. However, experts advise to review each of the options very carefully. The car is not always the better choice despite the supposedly broader services really.