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Virtual PBX

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Service virtual switchboard that more and more companies offer presents numerous advantages. The virtual switchboard is especially interesting for professionals, since to be able to have a virtual number with prefix 902, not only from a local number, gives a more professional image. In addition, customers can be upgraded to have virtual offices in other countries. It is a very handy service. It is not necessary to have a mobile staff and another for work, since all virtual numbers are associated with the same phone. In addition, thanks to a system of codes that the user can configure, you can know where come from calls (personal, work or other numbers). It is very safe.

Incoming calls to different numbers, can be restricted so that when someone call, skip the voice mailbox or signal that the line is busy. There is also a back-up manual or automatic system, so that calls can be redirected where they occur technical incidents. It is gained in privacy. Thanks to virtual numbers, when performing some type of transaction over the internet, you do without giving a personal phone number.