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Irish Sea

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Menks out in the light bird's-eye view may seem as if Maine is under parental care. The island is located almost equidistant from England and Ireland. To know more about this subject visit Fritz Perls. Impression that the country specifically surround the island child, not allowing the harsh waters of the Irish Sea to invade his space. Such care can boast of not only Maine, but Manx cat breed. They were lucky to become the official symbol of the fauna these lands. Since ancient times menksov depictions on coins and stamps of the island, called in their honor hotels and pubs.

Manx cat proud of not only the first breeders, but also the government of Maine. AND surprising: menksy quickly attracted the attention of residents of other states who were storming the island, hoping to see tailless cats. Maine History remembers the time when nurseries menksov is under the personal patronage of parliament. But it lasted long: Policy made the decision to roll the official program for the breeding of animals. Some American breeders suggest that Maine simply does not want to sell tailless kittens foreigners in order to protect the uniqueness of a national symbol and not to make a menksov involuntary immigrants.

Fortunately, the island of these cats still managed to take out. Were they fans menksov or random people (for example, sailors, sailing to Maine on merchant ships, and probably want to surprise loved ones never seen before at home, "the beast") – difficult to say. One thing is clear: one of menksov in America are hit, and it happened, according to some reports, in 1820 year.