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In Catalonia, the Departament de Benestar i family of the Generalitat undertook to reconvert the Plan to combat poverty and Social Exclusion in a Plan for Social Inclusion with the collaboration of municipalities and other social agents. In this sense he presented in October 2003 the Action Plan for Social Inclusion in Catalonia. In the Spanish State several autonomous communities have approved their inclusion plans. Among those in Barcelona stands out for its participatory strategic plan, where are deployed actions in fields very important skills for the human, social and productive development of their citizenship. THE MUNICIPAL PLAN of BARCELONA plan Municipal it was built following principles constant in the description of the city social profiles, I tend as a basic strategic axis recognition of their reality for the collective construction of innovative solutions for their problems, focusing on human development and reduction of inequalities. In its first part the plan makes an approximation of reality, describing its inequalities and vulnerabilities.

In the second part the plan aims commitments from the City Council and the structuring policies of citizenship in Barcelona. Finally presents the structure of os services and indicators of policies that focus on the fight against poverty and exclusion in Barcelona and its set of strategies of social inclusion in Barcelona. Finally found the mechanisms proposed for formulation of a grand bargain citizen. Thus did the participation and transversality vehicles of the process of development and efetivacion of governance 1 of proximity in Barcelona. Participation has allowed incorporating a set of associative, institutional and community actors that Act developing focused actions in the invclusion. And mainstreaming to integrate actions that from different sectors and districts of the Town Hall drive for social inclusion. BARCELONA Barcelona is a unique city. It is considered the second city of Spain in economic importance.