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The false prophets in its exterior are as the sheep, with cativante smile and its appearance of mercy, take multitudes to follow its false doctrines. (Mateus 7:15) – You warn you, however, of the false prophets, who come until you dresses as sheep, but, interior, are wolves devoradores. Jesus orders in them to be alert against these false prophets, and he orders in them fruit proves seeing them its, that it means proves them for word of God, because tree good, true preacher of Jesus, teaches what it is in the word and the false preacher, who is of the Satan, teaches what goes against the word of God. Peter says in them: (II Peter 2:1) – AND ALSO he had between the people false prophet, as between you she will have also false doctors, that they will introduce perdio heresies encobertamente, and will deny you she rescued that them, bringing on itself same sudden perdio. (II Peter 2:2) – and many will follow its dissolutions, by which the way of the truth will be blasphemed. These doctors distort the Holy Writs to lead the people to the error, and many are following these practical. Dissolutions want to say, that it breaches, annul the alliance with Jesus, because of these false teachings.

Becoming the discredited truth of Christ, because of this immoral behavior of that if Christians say. As he is written, this false prophet will be deceptive to many. (Mateus 24:11) – and false ones will appear many prophets, and will be deceptive to many. He has three types of cheaters in the body of Christ: The shepherds, missionaries, apstolos, etc, that lie in intentional way to reach its egoistic intentions, that are to gain money the costs of the sheep. The singers who if involve with the lucrative industry of music gospel, taking the rhythms of the world for the church.