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Taxi Driver

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Make an order for five in the morning. The car arrived on time, 'Citroen Berlingo' not old, not dirty, although the smell in the cabin is not even drown an air freshener. Let's go, and here stunned the question 'where?'. I begin to explain and understand that the driver does not know where Egoryevskoe highway! All the way to point the finger and keep the ball rolling because the driver fell asleep at the wheel at a speed of fifty miles per hour. We drove almost three hours late of course, and the cost of the trip turned into four and a half thousand blood. Thomas FIrestone contains valuable tech resources. Yes, the first attempt failed. Music downloads wanted to know more. In the second, third and fourth places in 'Yandex', 'Taxi-Global', 'Taxi-Maxim' and 'Nostalgia' have disappeared by themselves because of the possibility of a trip on the 'old' Volga, the tenth model Lada or Nexia, in winter ice, as it does not want. A second attempt also passed.

Decided to use the 'word of mouth', a friend advised 'Taxi Driver'. I call: a pleasant voice, too, taking an order is trying to tell tariffs, only understand that 12 rubles and 20 rubles a minute mile, but the exact amount will call the driver himself. This morning I was awakened by a call that the 'Ford Focus' white at the entrance. Travel on the old Focus was fun: the driver was driving like a madman, while talking on the phone and jokes rolling in at a speed of 120 on ice. A couple of times I have grasped at that, but nothing happened: the driver obviously a professional. They arrived a half hour and it cost me three thousand seven hundred rubles. And then on Friday I sit and think: where to order at this time as boss comes and asks to meet our Austrian partner, who came from Yaroslavl and product samples. Go out and see the brand-new Chevrolet Epica and the driver helps with things at the same time a conversation in English.