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Asegrese to put its key words in cursive bold and for an additional benefit. It deals with around 3% to 5% the densidad of key words. It tries to include key words in the name of dominion or URL of permalink Asegrese to include key words in . labels of title of its Web site . the headed ones . in the part superior of the page .

in center of page . in the part inferior of the page CATHEDRAL advice # 4. Offpage optmization once your article or post that a fact, you must go on the construction of bonds and thus to obtain backlink (I connect entrants) strategy of construction of bond therefore calls to him. Basically, it goes to blogs excellent, the pertinent, directory forums pertinent, PERTINENT vestibules and to write a commentary or article, with INTELLIGENTLY different set of key words 4 from 5 from combination. These key words or anchorage text as it is called all to them must aim towards their specific page that you are trying to optimize. All of them must have a common set of key words and the rest of the anchorage text connections can be different. Example Descargar film Name, To see Film names, Unloading free film name. So now, if I find out to me 20 forums in my niche, I enter them and I read the commentaries and I can send a commentary and it connects to direct it to site then I can use my variant of my First key word in them. Soon I look for the next forum or blog or all that with the content of the site and to publish my second game of words exceeds she does not make this very fast. It makes s near 15 per day.