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If you buy ready-made door, inquire whether it is designed for typical Russian climate abrupt temperature changes. This is particularly concerns the doors, manufactured in the warmer southern countries: Spain, Greece and Italy. Luxury front door should provide an opportunity for easy installation with alarm systems, CCTV, peephole with a 200-gradusovym review. The door – it is also a casing, accessories and fittings. Elite doors are usually installed along with the elite On wooden windows form, it can be rectangular, and in the form of decorative arches, portal, decorated with a visor.

However, with the front doors often still refer to the opening edge of a conventional configuration. When choosing, keep in mind that the value standard door can not be matched to the size of the existing opening. So better to ask whether the firm performs individual orders. Reliable manufacturer usually provides this service. In can offer a range of wall-mounted fixtures, fixed protivosemnye spikes and loops, welded with a continuous suture, high security locks. Door design is composed not only of the cladding. Doors can be single and double, with vertical and horizontal panels. These structures may be present elements of glass, including bullet-proof and shockproof.

There are many different decisions, for example, a door with a special steel decorative strip that covers the perimeter of the door frame can be decorated with elegant brass fittings "in bronze," or "chrome". If you want it to look more perfect, you can order a hidden door hinges. Well-matched door should not be too artsy or too heavy, as in a medieval castle. It is particularly ironic in a mass looks closer "hruschobah." Remember that often the first impression of the host, about his tastes and financial possibilities consists precisely in mind the doors – this kind of "calling card" at home. The cost of the door can be 700-1200 dollars. Exclusive model starts from 2000 to 7000 dollars. Here the rule is simple: the less expensive cost door, which costs more but lasts longer. Paying a lot of money, the consumer wants to know how much it will serve an elite door. Normal guarantee of at least 5 years, and sometimes even 10 or 20 years. If the door is properly selected and correctly installed by professionals, it will last much longer.