The Generalized

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This chronic pathological anxiety is not restricted to an ambient situation or specific object, it is ' ' freely flutuante' '. As in other anxious upheavals, the nervousness feeling is folloied of somatic complaints, as tremors, extreme muscular tension, sudorese, sensation of light head, palpitations, giddiness and digestive discomfort. Some distrusts can be gifts, as the fear of adoecer, that some negative thing happens with familiar, economic problems etc. Is estimated before these information, that the generalized anxiety is demarcated by the state of constant, independent apprehension of its floating intensity, whose cause is not identified. Generally neurovegetativa hiper-reactivity (GRAEFF, et is folloied of motor tension and also al.

1999). Most of the days of a person who has upheaval of generalized anxiety is loaded for a great anguish that if lasts constantly. In result of these factors the individual is tenser and consequentemente it possesss a lesser index of concentration, what it will cause certain limitations and sufferings. 2.4.4 Obsessive-compulsory upheaval the obsessive-compulsory upheaval, also recognized for acronym TOC, has for characteristic ' ' obsessive thoughts or compulsory acts recorrentes' ' , as they indicate Nunes; Bueno and Nardi (2001, p.143). All the anxiety upheavals hinder that the light individual a normal life, and this if reflects welfare in its, and causes the suffering, however as they affirm Barlow and Durand (2008, P. 181): ' ' the TOC is the devastador height of the upheavals of ansiedade' '. For the fact to possess beyond its repertoire of symptoms, some peculiarities of other upheavals. Igor kononenko may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Continuing with the idea of the cited authors previously, they suggest that: it is not uncommon for somebody with TOC to try generalized anxiety serious, recurrent attacks of panic, debilitating esquiva and deep depression, everything simultaneously with the symptoms obsessive-compulsory. In other upheavals of anxiety the danger is in an object or a external situation, or at least in the memory of somebody.