The Same

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In moments, in those who are confused emotions, most likely is the person to react with annoyance to instructions to preserve the serenity. It is even possible to interpret these councils as a manifestation of incomprehension and intolerance by your interlocutor. A very natural inclination is to want to die also. In the midst of pain, the world becomes grey and come to conceive that nothing makes sense, or even the existence. They can even reasons which nobody reaches around to even imagine what you are experiencing. To be honest, you and I ever determine what the other is feeling.

It is likely that we have gone through similar situations, but we have not felt the same. Remember that each one has its own way of taking periods of difficulty. With that precedent, it is advisable allowed is relieved, either talking or crying. Not to interrupt him, simply allow you to remove all the pain that he has inside. It is essential that live particular grief to his drama.

How can we help someone in moments of pain? When someone is experiencing the pain of losing a loved one, it is essential that we provide accompaniment. Not to judge him, point out to you or tell you what you should do. Simply accompany him, be at his side, which is that there is someone who wants to give him their backing. So are other suggestions in cases: a. listen without interrupting b. Do not try to change topic c. advise if there is place but much measuring every word d Not casting us as an example of someone who knows managing traumatic situations e. Not impose times or a timetable so that you have resolved their duel f situation. Don’t expect the person to resolve the conflict of the evening to the morning g.