The Venezuelan Business Sector

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Do not expose your friend to the wrath of your enemy. Venezuela is well known proverb has not only launched new openings in policy towards a more dynamic foreign trade, to try to break into new markets, but which also faces serious problems in its business sector, where many companies, especially SMEs face serious operational problems, the product of economic constraints that the State has established, coupled with political uncertainty and its impact on their objectives, goals, leading to many have closed, others do not guarantee their operation productivity they can compete, by restrictions on the limits on currency policy and other actions that the Bolivarian revolution has taken and that has affected their behavior, as you can tell everything about taxes. Given this reality, also as mentioned at the beginning, as the new trade liberalization undertaken by the present government with new treaties, alliances, present great opportunities, which only can take advantage of companies with financial backing, technical products that can compete. The chair of the International Trade Administration graduate, said market, can not escape its delivery and analysis of this reality and to do so through their forums, outlined his views, with the participation of their students, as the case of Diaz Thaiana that about says: Companies that get into international markets are exposed to aggressive competition and not to be excluded, their strategies should be designed to provide excellent quality products at competitive prices and require efficient distribution channel is here that marketing plays a fundamental role since it allows to establish guidelines to ensure their competitiveness in those markets.