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Mum and dad are constantly at work and only occasionally go to rest. How to be a child? His take with them or leave the care of grandparents with his grandmother. Most children are curious. Child's interests do not always coincide with interests of the parents. Here is where the need to send a favorite toy on the trip. Brittany Willis may also support this cause. Child and his toys will not be bored! Toy and baby have corresponded during the trip via email.

Our children learn about and see on Photos that are inaccessible to most children and adults in the usual mode of life. Teachers with extensive experience on behalf of the toys tell about the history of places visited by the toy. Development perspectives and satisfaction natural curiosity of a child, and most importantly – the genuine delight in his eyes when the toy after a week-long trip back with photos on cd, where she is photographed against the backdrop of those places visited. K drive you get a certificate of completion of travel. The memory of the event will remain for years to come! The site is aimed at a broad age audience with a focus on the development of children's horizons, knowledge of other countries and cities, their history and romance of travel. So, we should not lose sight of the fact that children are always competing and complimented each other about what they have. In this case – Certificate of Travel and cd – rom with the report.