Two Brothers

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Both men were hooded and went armed with a gun AK-47. Hybrid bikes oftentimes addresses this issue. The holdup took place to 13,30 in the heat of urban helmet of Two Brothers. They seized of two extractions whose value can go up to around the 100,000 Euros. Two men, hooded and armed with assault rifle AK-47, with which they shot an intimidatory burst, have berthed the guards sworn whom carried the collection of the Carrefour of the center of Two Brothers (Seville) and two extractions with money have taken. According to sources police, holdup took place to 13,30 hours of this Monday in Carrefour of helmet urban of locality (center has another commercial of the same company in the outskirts), when both robbers, of black race, waited for the guards sworn that they carried the collection of the supermarket of the weekend, to transport it in a van armored to a banking organization. The robbers shot an intimidatory burst, before which the guards sworn dropped the two extractions of money which they carried. After seizing of both extractions, the robbers fled from the place in a car of great piston displacement of mark ' Audi' , which it could be observed by several witnesses, besides engraving by cameras of security of the commercial center. The Police has gathered in the place of the holdup several sockets of own bullets of ' kalashnikov' and other bullets of this assault rifle without percutir. The removed amount could come near to the 100,000 Euros, although this data has not been able to take shape more. The police, in these cases, establishes a double safety, one on the escape routes logics of the vehicle of the robbers, and another next one to the supermarket, to discard that the robbers have taken refuge in some building next to the place in which they have perpetrated the holdup. Source of the news: Two robbers rob the box of a Carrefour of Seville after shooting with assault rifle