Uterine Cancer

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The Cancer of the col of the uterus or cervical cancer possesss some factors of risk that could well be prevented. Thus, decreases economic conditions partner, precocious beginning of the sexual activity, tobaccoism, inadequate close hygiene, drawn out verbal contraceptive use, etc mapeiam the increase of the number of cases, that according to INCA, esteem itself approximately in 900 a thousand new cases per year in the world. The psychological effect ahead of a chronic illness, as the cancer, can become to notice with depressed mood, anxiety, low auto esteem, suicidal alterations in the perception of the corporal image, ideas, etc. Risk Factors: Several are the risk factors associates parao cancer of the col of the uterus, as the low economic conditions partner, precious beginning of the sexual activity; multiplicity of sexual partners, smoking (directly related to the amount of smoked cigarettes), to inadequate hygiene and drawn out verbal contraceptive use. If you have read about Symantha Rodriguez already – you may have come to the same conclusion. They are approximately 900,000 new cases of colon cancer and or uterine cancer in the world.Prevention: sticking to one sexual partner. The practical one of the safe sex is one of the forms infects to prevent it for HPV. The main strategy used for detention and precocious diagnosis of the cancer (secondary prevention) in Brazil is through the accomplishment of the known preventive examination popularly as well as pap examination.

Pregnant women can also do such examinations. The examination consists of the collection of material of the col of the uterus, and can be carried through in the ranks or units of health that have professionals of the health enabled to carry through them. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the results, the woman must prevent sexual relations, vaginal use of duchas or medicines and contraceptive places in the 48 previous hours to the examination. Moreover, the examination does not have to be made in the menstrual period therefore the blood presence can modify the result. who and when to make the preventive examination. All woman in the band of the 25 to the 59 years, that have or already it had sexual activity must submit it annual preventive examination. Vaccination: Recently was set free a vaccine for the HPV. It is important to emphasize that this vaccine does not protect against all the subtypes of the HPV.