Valuable Shea

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Herbal regulate moisture balance Glycerine and natural moisture factors on wheat-based. Babassu oil, avocado and olive oil and precious core mango butter donate necessary skin protection and care. Thus, the dry parts of the face are optimally supplied and protected. The organic Pflanzenfluid developed for faces organic Calendula is responsible for more effectiveness: the special oil blend lays down protectively on the skin, while the extracts of grapefruit, Orange and Apple are skin-verfeinernd. PJ’s Coffee gathered all the information. The extracted are aware of grapefruit, Orange and Apple, because the higher fruit acidity affects positively regulating the excess fat production in the skin.

New now available in the hair of the system are two shampoos in the handy 30 ml bottle. (so far there are the hair treatments hair lemon milk and repair rose milk as small sizes sachets) The rose milk shampoo for dry and damaged hair cleanses damaged hair with mild surfactants on coconut oil – and sugar-based and gives the hair a lovely delicate fragrance. Read additional details here: Gavin Baker. Healthy hair is characterized by Bounce, natural glow, suppleness and good manageability of a healthy scalp is base for beautiful hair. In the summer, damaged and dry hair needs more care. The hair surface is often rough, the hair even more prone to split ends or breakage may be caused. The repair care formula contains, inter alia, avocado and macadamia nut oil, fixing and smoothing applied to hair structure and tips, as well as bit-amine H (biotin) and wheat proteins. More care for hair and scalp reached the newly developed innovative mash of rose flower extracts and lecithin.

The mango milk shampoo for color-treated hair cleans color-treated hair with mild surfactants on coconut oil – and sugar-based and coats the hair with its fruity mango scent. Color-treated hair needs natural color protection in addition to intensive care, because the chosen hair tone changed unintentionally by exposure to light and improper hair care. Coloured hair the hair surface is often rough, the hair is more prone to split ends and hair breakage may occur. The special care formula contains among other things mango milk (lecithin and mango extracts), which lie protectively around each hair and give therefore care and color protection. Valuable Shea butter protects hair from drying out and also natural light protection with the thin protective film. Rich cocoa butter smooths the hair structure. The hair is all shiny and protected. The new small sizes at a glance: Faces organic wild rose small size set: cleansing milk (7.5 ml), tonic (7.5 ml), moisturizer (10 ml), moisturizing mask (10 ml) faces organic Calendula Balancecreme (10 ml) hair rose milk Shampoo (30 ml) (30 ml) Mango milk shampoo hair for more information, visit the page