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In the evening of OBNON brought great gashik, we are doing to a pair of buns and Half Life on the grid ebashilis. First, very pleased, on the fifth day, bored, I asked the chief for a favor, take this. Always wanted to see how opera innocent questioning, say, when to hang in large-scale theft should be the first that fell on the character to suffer not our police detection. Do not regret a single second, that the spectacle was necessary: Demons of hell can learn from opers Volgograd. Electroshock and a gas mask without a filter with a hose clamped to the skillful hands of the two accounts is the guilty. And then there was a restaurant with a crowd of free prostitutes in all, this was not the most boring 10 days. So I thought: What I swore to the police? We ought to call the police department's press service and apologize.

I would like to apologize to the police in Volgograd, are great guys and they have principles, I thank them for the opportunity to feel like a bird, looking at the world from behind bars own ambitions. I very well fed, well treated me, a national health resort: how is there not repent? Thank you for 10 days in paradise and inspiration, I ask again: please accept my apologies. That's just my wife, please do not say here as I spent time carousing and fucking. I was just what she set forth a slightly different version of events, saying that the full zazhestili gentlemen in gray uniforms.