Von Wallenstein

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England, where reigned Jacob I, estranged from Spain, had received information from the serious problems who suffered from Germania and wished to exploit the situation. Official site: Whole Foods. Similarly, the French Cardinal Richelieu, who longed to break the dangerous encirclement of the Empire Habsburgo both East and South, concluded efforts with Jacob I and Christian IV to form an anti-alemana Alliance. At the last moment, joined also the United provinces (Friesland, Groningen, guelders, Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht and Zealand) which also yearned to halt the advance of Fernando II. With such a meeting of forces, the Danes launched in 1626, the bulk of his expedition. The second phase of this war, the Danish intervention, was soon marked by disaster. Shortly after arriving, the unfortunate Danish King was imprisoned in a series of historical circumstances that snatched from him the support that he had expected to receive.

Jacob I, King of England, could not realize their support after knowing the resistance of your project in the Parliament, Richelieu was threatened by the revolts of the Huguenots (French Protestant movement) and the single United provinces, could not provide helpful, except financial. Thus the things, the catastrophe for the Danes was inevitable. Von Wallenstein, the general who commanded the forces of Felipe II, Ernest Von Mansfeld (ally of Christian IV) army in the battle of the bridge of Dessau (1626) and the general and Tilly’s defeat, he defeated the Danes at the battle of Lutter. The debacle soon descorazono to the Protestants; from now on, the operations centre would be towards the Danish lands, Kingdom Christian IV, belatedly, ordering to evacuate. Dead Ernest Von Manfeld at the end of that year, Wallenstein runs without obstacles to Mecklenburg, Pomerania and finally the own Jutland, but you can’t take the capital Danish in the Seeland island for lack of a fleet. He then opted to besiege Stralsund, the only belligerent Baltic port with facilities to build a fleet that could take the Danish Islands.